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Hände, die auf Keyboard Tastatur liegen und einen Akkord anschlagen.


Music for commercials on web,

TV and radio

Target group focused music and sound design for web, TV and radio commercials.
From individual commissioned compositions for a web spot to TV commercials. 

Audio Logo & Sound Design for your company

Everything talks about corporate identity. Expand your horizon and give your company an individual sound. Everybody can look away, nobody can not listen.

In a half-day workshop we work out the basics for the sound of your company. With this, you are guaranteed to be recognized and can reach your target group even better.

Background music for image films, audio books, podcasts and documentaries

You need music for your image film, for an audio book, a podcast or a documentary? I can draw from a rich pool of sounds from all genres and cultures. Over the past 30 years, I have acquired a collection of sound libraries (sample libraries) that can comprehensively serve almost all requirements for a musical accompaniment to your works. I look forward to enhancing your media.

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